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"I don't just read Pulse, I adore it." --Donald Berwick MD

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Pulse: More Voices--

a treasury of compelling stories and poems.

Includes The Resilient Heart , Babel: The Voices of a Medical Trauma and Confessions of a Seventy-Five-Year-Old Drug Addict. Foreword by Maureen Bisognano, President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


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    Pam Mitchell
    Thank you Dr. Ely for this potent reminder, told so eloquently, of the importance of each individual's ...


  • Last Stand
    Jean Abbott
    From a physician and ethicist -- Thanks for the important reminder that we in medicine are often too ...


  • Last Stand
    Marilyn Chrisman
    Such a powerful story. Thank you so much for sharing this Dr. Ely. I have already sent this to our ...


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